Our mission at Angel Plus, LLC  is to make a significant contribution to the innovation ecosystem by moving entrepreneurs  towards capitalization, objectively validating companies for investors, and educating both entrepreneurs and investors on how to increase their statistical odds for successful outcomes.  We do this through our due diligence validation process, our customized consultant services, and educational content.  We also specialize in deep dive assessments of private equity and venture capital funds for international institutional funders and provide "proxy" professional managerial services for them. Moreover, we are very interested in projects with "double, triple" bottom lines.  While a return on investment has high priority, we believe that it is not mutually exclusive to also strive for making a social impact whenever possible.  Whether bringing disruptive products to improve lives, mitigate suffering or preserving precious resources, we believe that part of innovation is finding sustainable and creative approaches to problems and leaving a legacy behind for which we can all be proud. 

"There is a measurable correlation between a robust due diligence

and positive outcomes for both entrepreneurs and investors"


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Entrepreneurs worldwide  are creating, inventing, and discovering new ways of doing things everyday.  They are smart, dedicated, and passionate about what they do.  Giving substance to their vision and fueling their dreams requires capital.   Angel Plus, LLC moves these visionaries towards capitalization.  Regardless of whether the capitalization is domestic or  overseas,  direct or indirect, we help quality people find one another within the capital eco-system.  


By performing a robust, third party due diligence assessment of  the company, we  can ferret out high quality companies that are fund ready.   Our highly respected due diligence product has facilitated fund raises from $500K to $11M for start-up companies and $10M-$50M for capital fund groups who have passed our deep dive reviews.  Our due diligence is considered the "gold standard" for due diligence and one of the most rigorous in Silicon Valley and used by angels, venture capitalists, fund managers, merger and acquisition professionals, and international institutional funders.


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Investors want more than a beautiful PowerPoint or a charming CEO or Managing Partner.  They want the company assessed and validated by an independent third party with no conflict of interest.  In order to invest, investors need to know that everything being presented to them is an accurate reflection of the company or the funds' past history and performance.  Having a robust due diligence (DD) performed by a reputable due diligence company that is respected by investors is essential.   International  investment entities, for example, want a U.S. representative pre- and post-funding.  They need a trusted "guide" to direct them to private equity and venture funds that are reputable with demonstrated performance track records.  Getting your DD done "before" presenting to investors or an institutional funder often helps to expedite the funding process.  A smart investor will not even consider opening up their checkbook or fund your fund until they get validation by a third party.  

We don't do all companies or private equity and venture funds; but companies or private equity funds that are selected for review and can pass our rigorous DD process have typically gone on and received funding.  We have a reputation of being one of the "toughest due diligence" examiners in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley area and investors trust our DD product.  Why?   Because it is fact-based, comprehensive, and highly accurate at point of issuance.   Our DD report template was designed to be used in the entire capital journey from angels to venture capitalists on up to institutional investors. Our DD report is a solid starting point for entrepreneurs to make a a solid, compelling argument for capital.   


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Angel Plus, LLC is very experienced working with entrepreneurs and investors from seed stage all the way up to venture capital.  It is not only the first stage of capitalization that a company needs to be concern; it is all the subsequent fund-raising that may follow as the company moves through its milestones and increases its valuation.  Whether positioned for a quick exit or an IPO, the capital funding plan is crucial to success.  Angel Plus, LLC is very respected among investors and can be a helpful guide to entrepreneurs with their step-by-step funding plan or in creating a road map to to more effectively navigate through the different stages of the business plan while maintaining a healthy financial runway.


Angel Plus, LLC is very heavily networked in the capital system and is highly capable of working with mature private equity and venture funds to access international funders.  We are very discreet and understand the cultural nuances associated with moving capital from one country to another.   Angel Plus, LLC is very respected among overseas investors (e.g., limited partners) and has served as a helpful guide to identify reputable and high performing funds for them. Angel Plus, LLC's differentiating service is providing technical expertise on the front end (relative to the selection of private equity and venture funds) and on backend to monitor and stay informed about fund activities once funds are deployed. We will be glad to provide due diligence services to our Limited Partners overseas who want prospective funds reviewed and analyzed prior to fund placement.  Whether  working with top tier funds or  emerging managers with demonstrated history of fund performance, we will be glad to work with our Limited Partners to achieve their aspirational targets in identifying funds with the desired industry sectors.


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Whether it is strategic planning, developing a business or identifying funds in which to deploy capital (fund on fund), Angel Plus, LLC can help build a solid road map from start to finish.  Shirley Gee, Managing Partner, and her team members works with industry specialists and experts in all of the industry sectors and can provide one-on-one consultative services or pull a team together to assist you as you move through your business stages or fund selection process. The most important differentiation is APLLC's ability to anticipate upcoming needs and to make sure the players in the capital eco-system are well prepared to mitigate risk or address challenges.   APLLC is uniquely qualified to help start-up companies fully align their operational milestones to the capitalization milestones; critical to increasing the probability for product placement success and generating revenue to help maximize value creation in the company.  APLLC can provide professional support services to overseas funders post-funding. Always resourceful, APLLC understands the financial limitations of start-up's and works with them to get the expertise and services they need, while staying within their financial constraints.  Similarly, they provide guidance to overseas funders to assure capital is being placed in high performing funds.  The following are some of the subject areas for which APLLC has demonstrated experience:  

  • Capitalization of Start-ups
  • Fund of Fund Vetting Services
  • Proxy Representative for Overseas Funders
  • Board Composition and Governance
  • Negotiating Licensing Agreements
  • Corporate Fundraising and Capitalization
  • Financial Tools for Capitalization
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Strategic Planning (Meeting MIlestones) 
  • Operation & Capital Alignment
  • Exiting
  • Term sheet Negotiations and Structured Deals
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Investor Communication and Public Relations
  • Capitalization in Emerging Markets
  • Moving Intellectual Property from Academia to Private Industry
  • Regulatory Compliance


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APLLC can provide customized educational content in all of the subject areas described above for academies, schools, conferences and private workshops in the entrepreneur and investor eco-system.

Shirley Gee is a frequently invited lecturer at various colleges, a regular alum instructor for the Keiretsu Forum academies, and puts together customized workshops for both entrepreneurs, investor groups, fund managers, and venture capitalists.  APLLC supports the premise that the more educated entrepreneurs and investors are regarding the capital and investment arena, the more successful the relationship between them can be.

We can provide educational content that "bolts on" readily into existing educational structures or provide educational content that is customized to any length (e.g., one hour to a 2-day seminar).

APLLC can be advisory to educators and administrators alike and work as part of the education team or take lead on developing the educational content.  We also provide overseas training to entities who want to become more educated in the U.S. capital eco-system.