What We Do



Angel and venture investors want more information than is in your business plan and presentation.   They want the information presented to be validated before they will invest.  Angel Plus, LLC can help.  Our independent reports are highly regarded in the financial eco-system by both entrepreneurs and investors.

While we will review a few select early stage companies, we specialize in "deep dive" due diligence for later stage companies looking for additional capitalization.  We operate in all business sectors domestically and internationally including Life Science, Technology, Health, Food, Entertainment, Social Media, Mobile technology, Education, Real Estate, and Financials.  

Working with the entrepreneur's management team, Angel Plus, LLC performs an objective due diligence report that is trusted by investors. The final due diligence report is an honest assessment of your business at a given point in time.   More importantly, while we are addressing issues of importance to investors , we will be providing a detailed road map to help the entrepreneur improve their business.

Our due diligence process is one of the toughest in the industry.  Passing our due diligence does not mean your company will automatically receive funding from investors, but it will increase the probability of funding success for a number of our clients.  

A due diligence report by Angel Plus, LLC puts your business a step ahead of other start-up's vying for capitalization from private equity groups, venture capitalists, angel investor groups, or high net worth individuals.  The quality of an Angel Plus, LLC due diligence report is acknowledged by individuals  in all of these capital venues.

Because no two businesses are identical, each Angel Plus, LLC service contract is customized to fit each business situation and needs.

We look forward to working with you to move you towards capitalization.


Angel Plus, LLC is very respected among overseas investors and can be a helpful guide to help identify reputable and high performing funds in which to deploy capital in U.S.(fund-of-fund). Angel Plus, LLC's differentiating service is providing technical expertise on the front end (selection of private equity and venture funds) and on backend (monitor funds post-funding).   We are very discreet and understand the cultural nuances associated with moving capital lawfully from one country to another.  We help institutional funders by serving as their in-country proxy to lawfully move funding and to monitor the funds once deployed. 

Angel Plus, LLC is very heavily networked in the international capital system and work with mature private equity funds during their funding raises and to connect with international funders.  

Angel Plus, LLC specializes in technology that comes out of our national laboratories. We work with and mentor scientists who are interested in getting their intellectual property into the commercial space and market.  Whether it is "innovation in place" where scientists remain with their respective laboratories or "innovation outside" the laboratories, we work with scientists to build companies around their products, solidify their strategic plans for product development and placements, and work with them to build a capital runway.  We provide strategic direction and help start-up's handle equity partnerships, develop sub-licensing opportunities, and explore acquisition transactions as their placement agent.  Sourcing potential matches between entrepreneurs and funders is also one of our specialties.


Due Diligence Services for Entrepreneurs

Checklist for DD.jpeg

Our  in-depth due diligence process  for companies seeking Series A or B funding typically covers these topics:

  • A.  Executive Summary
  • B.  DD Team Profile
  • C.  Due Diligence Process
  • D.  Deal Structure
  • E.  Management Team & Staffing
  • F.   Financials
  • G.  Product Review
  • H.  Manufacturing and Pricing
  • I.    Market Review
  • J.   Regulatory Review (e.g., FDA)
  • K.  Patent Review (IP)
  • L.   Key Milestones for this Round of Funding (e.g., Series A1)
  • M.  Quality Assurance Program
  • N.   Insurance and Risk
  • O.  Exit Strategy Review
  • P.   Company Background Information
  • Q.  Company Presentation Documents

Our Due Diligence "lite" process for early stage companies touches on the topics above but has a major focus on the Management Team, protected IP, realistic Financial statements, the Deal Structure, Market Review, and the proposed Exit Strategy. 

Due Diligence for Fund-of-Fund Investors

We will be glad to provide due diligence services to our Limited Partners overseas who want prospective funds reviewed and analyzed prior to fund placement.  Whether  working with top tier funds or  emerging managers with demonstrated history of fund performance, we will be glad to work with our Limited Partners to achieve their aspirational targets in identifying funds with the desired industry sectors.

Our due diligence for private equity and venture funds includes a review of the following:

  • 1. Past performance (e.g., Rate of Return, Consistency of Return, and Timeframe for Returns)
  • 2. Assessment of Management Team
  • 3.  Expertise of Principals in Fund
  • 4.  Risk Mitigation Plans
  • 5.  Integrity and Ethics
  • 6.  Financial Accountability (e.g., Level of Transparency)
  • 7.  Operational Structure
  • 8.  Data and Analytic Tools
  • 9.  Industry Sector Expertise and Allocation
  • 10.  Management Fees and Interest
  • 12. Regulatory Adherence
  • 12. Fund History and Checklist (In-House Certifications, etc.)

We will work directly with fund managers, managing directors or agents in the secondary market to identify and match Limited Partners to the most appropriate funds for their portfolio and aspirations.

Educational Services & Content

Angel Plus, LLC provides educational content for conferences, seminars, panels, and workshops for the following topics:  

  • 1.  Due Diligence Process
  • 2.  Entrepreneurship
  • 3.  Criteria for Investment Decision
  • 4.  Investing Climate
  • 5.  Capitalizing Start-up's
  • 6.  Technology Transfer
  • 7.   Women Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • 8.  Board Governance and Composition

Customized Consultant Services

  • 1.  Act as placement agent to source capital for entrepreneurs
  • 2.  Term Sheet Negotiations (for either Entrepreneurs and Investors)  
  • 3.  Coordinating Investors Around a Funding Round
  • 4.  Fund-of-fund Proxy Representative for International Funders
  • 5.  Negotiating Licensing Agreements (Licensor or Licensee)
  • 6.  Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs. 
  • 7.  Coaching Entrepreneurs or Funders
  • 8.  Setting up a funding strategy (building a capital runway)
  • 9.  Selecting a Funding Source and Preparing a Presentation
  • 10.  Managing overseas transactions (equity partnerships, sub-licensing, and acquisition)
  • 11. Closing the Deal
  • 12. Facilitate transactions between Entrepreneurs and Strategic Partners (domestic and international)